CoaguSens™ Flex

Lab testing instrument for real time measurement of milk Coagulation


CoaguSens™ Flex is a lab testing instrument designed for the dairy industry to measure milk gel firmness during coagulation. It is used in to develop products and recipes, to optimize industrial production processes, to control the quality of products and to dose ingredients.

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The Benefits of CoaguSens™ Flex

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“We use CoaguSens every day in production to control the critical step of curd cutting. This precision equipment allowed us to optimize our recipes and to improve the solids retention rate. Our investment in CoaguSens has been largely paid back owing to its impact on our production.“

Pierre Tremblay, Technical Director
Maison Riviera, QC, Canada


Benefits of CoaguSens™ Flex

CoaguSens™ Flex is a lab testing instrument designed for the dairy industry to measure milk gel firmness during coagulation. It is used in R&D to develop or improve the formulation of products and to optimize industrial production processes. CoaguSens™ Flex is also used in Quality Control to qualify and document the quality of products or ingredients.

Milk coagulation is a fundamental step in the dairy industry. It significantly influences yield and profitability of industrial cheese production as well as the textural and sensorial properties of fermented products such as yogurt.

Coagulation is a dynamic and living process that involves enzymes and bacteria. We kept that in mind to design the CoaguSens™ Flex. Food technologists and cheesemakers can now precisely and easily test milk coagulation in lab for multiple industrial purposes such as:

  • Improving yield and moisture content in cheese.
  • Adjusting the textural and sensorial properties of dairy products
  • Controlling the quality of ingredients and adjusting their dosages
  • Adapting and improving recipes as a function of ingredients and adjusting their dosages.
  • Efficiently optimizing production parameters in order to meet the process constraints such as timing 
  • Accelerating the development of new products
CoaguSens™ Flex is the portable, lab version of CoaguSens™ Connect. Simplicity of use is what describes the best CoaguSens™ Flex. No expertise is required to operate the instrument. CoaguSens™ Flex was designed to keep users focused on what really matters today in the dairy industry: generating data to master production.
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Soft Matter Analytics™

CoaguSens™ Flex’s App simplifies viscoelasticity testing while allowing you building customized material databases.

Modern dairies deserve great features

The CoaguSens™ Flex comes with an easy to use tablet App that communicates remotely with the instrument. It includes programmable thermal ramps, customizable databases and much more.

Patented Technology

CoaguSens™ Flex integrates a unique and patented technology that uses vibrations to gently interrogate the milk sample and get its firmness.