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We don’t only help our users test the viscoelasticity of their soft materials. We also provide the Soft Matter Analytics™ platform to customize, collect, display and analyze key data on their material or process.

Soft Matter Analytics™


ElastoSens™ Bio’s App offers you an integrated and user-friendly environment to set and run up to five viscoelasticity tests on different ElastoSens™ Bio modules. You can set and control from a single tablet different testing conditions that simultaneously apply to each of your samples. You can change live or program time, temperature and exposure to different UV lights while observing live recorded viscoelasticity and swelling data. Comparing live and archived data becomes easy thanks to an intuitive and powerful file explorer.


You can store on the ElastoSens™ Bio’s database customized fields that describe the material you are testing or the process you are working on. You may, for example, want to save the pH of a solution prior to its gelation; the concentration of the components used to formulate your material or the hematocrit rate of a blood sample prior to its coagulation. Your customized data are saved in a secured database on the ElastoSens™ Bio’s tablet and can easily be linked to the viscoelastic tests to perform further advanced analysis and correlations.

Soft Matter Analytics™
Soft Matter Analytics™


Your biomaterial may form, evolve and degrade differently when its composition, formulation or preparation changes. Being able to precisely describe the time evolution of your material’s viscoelasticity gives you a unique insight on its behavior and performance. Using the ElastoSens™ Bio’s App, you can create customized buttons to capture in real time relevant parameters that describe how your sample behaves. your customized descriptive data are automatically stored in the database and will be available to conduct further advanced analysis.


The ElastoSens™ Bio builds a comprehensive database that adapts to your specific application. You can export your database to perform advanced analysis on viscoelasticity, swelling, temperature and UV light data. You can also combine them with the customized descriptive events and data fields you have recorded and stored. Soft Matter Analytics™ simplify the study of complex materials or protocols and the handling of large data sets. It’s the perfect tool to accelerate innovation and to master complex development or production processes.

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