Nephelometry of

The ElastoSens™ Bio helps biologists and material scientists unlock scientific discoveries and technological advancements thanks to advanced features and capabilities to test the mechanical properties of biomaterials.

In Life Sciences, the NEPHEL.O™ may be used to test the solubility of pharmaceutical or chemical compounds, to determine the solubility point of compounds or to determine the concentration of insoluble particles in suspensions. Discover below some of the applications of the NEPHEL.O™ in Life Sciences.

The solubility of solid pharmaceutical compounds is a critical factor that their bioavailability, effectiveness, safety, and quality. Solubility determines how quickly and efficiently a drug can dissolve and be absorbed into the body, which can affect its bioavailability, therapeutic efficacy, and potential side effects. Therefore, understanding solubility is a crucial step in drug development, formulation, and dosage selection, as well as for ensuring the quality of medications throughout their shelf life.