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What is Soft Matter Analytics about? Is the ElastoSens Bio suitable for my specific application? How would my projects benefit from the ElastoSens Bio? How would I operate the instrument?

Our Ph.D. application specialists and account directors will answer all your questions and much more.

What do you get from a Remote Live Demo?

  • Qualify the ElastoSens Bio for your specific application.
  • Get answers to your questions from one of our Application Expert and your Account Director
  • Test live materials & learn about the unique features of the ElastoSens Bio
  • Learn more about the services we offer
What should you expect from the 1-hour personalized Live Demo?

You only need to book the time of one of our application specialists by filling the form below. We take care of the rest of the process. Your Remote Live Demo session will be structured as follows:

  1. 10 minutes: Learning more about your application
  2. 10 minutes: Brief introduction and presentation
  3. 10 minutes: Quick tour of the instrument’s features 
  4. 10 minutes: Test launch using one of our standard testing materials
  5. 20 minutes: Q&A in regards to your specific application
Viscoelasticity Testing biometerials
Your project is confidential?

Many of our customers are involved in very competitive environments and we understand how important it is to ensure confidentiality or your proprietary information. As your partner in Soft Matter Analytics we are extremely cautious about the sensitivity of your data. Feel free to send us your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for execution, even for a Remote Live Demo.

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