July 7, 2022
How is AI used in the biomedical field?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to mimic human decision-making in areas like healthcare. Classic AI, also known as symbolic AI, uses human-crafted rules for decision-making. An example is in clinical decision support systems where rules help determine drug interactions and alert users of contraindications.
June 29, 2022
Machine learning for gel time prediction of living hydrogels
The development of tissue engineering products faces challenges due to the variety of biomaterials available and their dynamic properties once implanted. A recent study used artificial intelligence (AI) to help address this problem. The researchers created a system that automates the prediction of gelation time (when a liquid solution becomes a hydrogel) for different formulations. The hydrogels were composed of silk, horseradish peroxidase (HRP), hydrogen peroxide, and bacterial cells. They utilized differential dynamic microscopy (DDM) to identify gelation time and machine learning (ML) to predict the gelation time of different hydrogel compositions. This allowed them to streamline the process of finding hydrogel formulations with specific properties.
June 16, 2022
AI-based prediction of hydrogel gelation kinetics and their mechanical properties
Hydrogels are biomaterials that are widely studied in the biomedical field. They are used, for example, to produce contact lenses and wound dressings, for drug release systems, or as scaffolds for tissue engineering. The design of such hydrogels is often multidimensional since multiple parameters related to their chemical composition and physical properties affect how they are going to behave in vivo.