Applications of the ElastoSens™ Bio for biomaterials and Life Sciences

Bringing soft matter to life one application at a time
with advanced biomaterials testing and analysis.

The instruments we develop help our users explore uncharted scientific and technological territories with advanced biomaterials testing and analysis. They provide unique analytics on complex and fragile biological or synthetic materials. 

Explore the applications of the ElastoSens™ Bio below

and see how our instruments unique and relevant testing environments for product development, research and quality control. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific application.
Quality Control
Controlling the viscoelastic performances of your products has never been so easy. See how the ElastoSens Bio provides a high throughput testing environment, traceable databases, secured login procedures and customisable access to features. QC operations are made smooth and productive
Research & Development
Discover how you can accelerate your product development and fuel your research thanks to Soft Matter Analytics and the unique modularity of ElastoSens Bio.

Formulation of hydrogels

ElastoSens Bio tests smarter and gives you the power of Soft Matter Analytics™ to accelerate the formulation and testing of hydrogels. Test the formation, stability and degradation of your material using the same sample, over long periods of time and under fully controled environmental conditions.

Tissue engineering

Non-destructive, contact-free  viscoelastic testing of fragile  biomaterials is now possible. See how you can test long-term evolution of cell-laden hydrogels on the same sterile sample with advanced biomaterials testing and analysis. 

Hemostatic Agents & Blood Coagulation

ElastoSens™ Bio is the unique viscoelasticity testing instrument that measures, in real time, the formation of blood clots under the action of hemostatic agents. Test hemostatic gauzes, powders and gels in vitro to develop products, to accelerate preclinical studies or to control the quality of medical devices.

3D Bioprinting

The ElastoSens™ Bio tests the viscoelastic of your 3D bioprinted scaffolds without destroying or altering them. Formulate and qualify bioinks, optimize scaffold architeture and study long term evolution of cell-laden 3D bioprinted scaffolds on the same testing platform.

Drug Delivery

Optimize and test long term degradation of hydrogels for drug release using a non-destructive, contact-free viscoelastic testing instrument. The ElastoSens™ Bio allows you simulate in vivo conditions in a simple and effective way, so you can tune your material formulation to adjust the drug release rate.

Superabsorbent Polymers

Use ElastoSens™ Bio to test the absorption of liquids by Superabsorbent Polymers in real time for applications in R&D and industrial quality control. 


Use ElastoSens™ Bio to apply light at selected wavelengths (365 nm, 385 nm, and 405 nm) during testing to obtain the crosslinking kinetics in real time of photosensitive biomaterials.


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