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The CoaguSens™ Flex uses Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Up to 5 instruments can be controlled by a single tablet App that uses wireless communication. This breakthrough innovation in the field of analytical instrumentation offers an unprecedented modularity to users. You can add at any time new measurement units to your CoaguSens™ Flex system to meet your evolving needs and workload. 


CoaguSens™ Flex measures the firmness of milk during enzymatic or acid coagulation. It measures the firmness evolution of a sample during its phase transition from liquid to soft solid state. CoaguSens Flex App displays in real time gelation kinetics as well as the speed of coagulation that can be used to formulate recipes and adjust processes. The instrument and its App are user-friendly and intuitive. They have been designed for food technologists that are not necessarily experts in the field of rheology.


The system uses a Peltier heating-cooling system that can control the sample temperature between 4°C and 70°C. User can build customized temperature profiles to analyze how the sample behaves when temperature changes. Simulating real life conditions such as cold storage, temperature cycling and melting is made simple and straightforward.


CoaguSens™ Flex’s App user settings and data are stored in a SQL database. You can export the database to perform further analysis or to merge it with other data sets. The database includes all the measurements stored in the system, customized descriptive parameters and fields, instrument settings as well as user profiles and authorizations. CoaguSens™ Flex’s App is password protected. In order to ensure data security and integrity, the system’s administrator sets profiles, manages users and can restrict the access to sensitive features and data.

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