Instruments that sense coagulation


Measure curd firmness with CoaguSens™ Flex or Connect to formulate a recipe, optimize an existing product, improve a process, increase yield, control moisture, train junior cheesemakers or to track yield… possibilities are endless.

CoaguSens™ Flex
CoaguSens™ Flex is a light lab instrument that measures in real time the firmness of forming milk gels. It builds customized databases that include data on product composition and process conditions. CoaguSens™ Flex is used to test dairy products in QC, R&D and process control.

CoaguSens™ Connect

CoaguSens™ Connect is an easy-to-use and robust industrial instrument that measures curd firmness during coagulation. It operates close to the coagulation vats, builds comprehensive databases to track production paramaters and can communicate with automation systems.