1. Technological Parameters in Cheese Production

Applications / Yield optimization journey – Phase 1 : Mastering Technological Parameters in Cheese Production

Parameters such us temperature, pH, coagulant dosage, protein content and calcium chloride influence the way milk coagulates. Real time data provided by CoaguSens™ Flex help understating and controlling the influence of technological parameters on coagulation kinetics and consequently on yield.

Effect of pH on milk coagulation

This application note shows how CoaguSens™ Flex was used to measure the coagulation kinetics of the same milk under different conditions of temperature, pH, calcium chloride concentration, coagulant concentration and protein enrichment.

See how CoaguSens™ Flex clearly highlights how subtle changes in these technological parameters impact milk flocculation time, speed of coagulation and final gel firmness. This important phase will help you identifying the levers of control to master coagulation.