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The instruments and Apps we develop help our users understand, control and optimize their milk coagulation process. They provide unique analytics to improve quality and increase yield.

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and see how CoguSens™ Flex and Connect can be used to master milk coagulation, to stabilize curd cutting firmness and to finally improve vat yield.

Solids Recovery Rates and Coagulation: A correlation study

This pilot plant study shows how vat yield is correlated with curd firmness at cutting.


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Yield optimization journey – Phase 1 : Mastering Technological Parameters in Cheese Production

Understanding how technological parameters affect coagulation of milk is the first step of the yield optimization journey. This step consists in identifying the levers of control.

Yield optimization journey – Phase 2 : Cheese yield stabilization through at-line monitoring of coagulation

Stabilizing coagulation in routine production as well as curd firmness at the cutting step results in stabilizing yield. Tacking back control of coagulation is the second step of the optimization journey.

Yield optimization journey – Phase 3 : Industrial at-line monitoring of coagulation for yield optimization

See how at-line monitoring of milk coagulation using CoaguSens™ Connect helped optimizing yield in a cheddar production plant. Adjusting cutting firmness and curd coagulation to improve yield is the third stage of the optimization journey

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